Armenian National Youth Report 2012 (Armenian only)

Second Armenian National Youth Report 2012

Public Policy Strategy on Youth in Armenia (2013-2017) (Armenian only)

Outlining the Government’s priority actions aimed at the solution of problems in the youth sector.

A child well-being index for Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) – Monitoring child well-being in transition

Article in Forum21, issue 12 (2008). This review provides a multi-dimensional assessment of the lives of children and young people in the 21 countries of the CEE and CIS regions. Its purpose is to provide a picture of
their well-being as the first generation of children who were born after the breakdown of the Soviet Union comes of age.

Armenia - Youth Policy Questionnaire Response

Information on youth policy structure and mechanisms in Armenia, provided to EPYRU by Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia in response to a questionnaire submitted during the project’s introductory mission in June 2013.

Armenia Demographic and Health Survey 2010 - Preliminary Report

The purpose of the 2010 ADHS was to collect national and regional data on fertility and contraceptive use, maternal and child health, adult health, and AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

Armenia Youth Aspirations Survey (Armenian only)

Armenia Youth Aspirations Survey 2012

Armenia Youth Policy Factsheet

Key facts on  youth policy in Armenia.

Armenia Youth Policy Review (2009)

Armenian best practice on capacity development of government and civil society actors in youth policy

Presentation at EPYRU Seminar, Stepanavan, 2015

Assessement of Juvenile Justice Reform Achievements in Armenia

The assessment mission took place from 7 to 18 September 2009.

Conception of State Youth Policy (1998)

This conception determines the basic provisions and directions based on which the State Youth Policy of Armenia is developed and implemented.

Developing Cross-Sectoral Cooperation in Eastern Partnership Countries

Evidence and objectives for cross-sectoral cooperation iun Youth Policy in the Eastern Partnership[

Eastern Partnership Youth Forum (Kaunas October 2013): Joint Conclusions

The conclusions of the Eastern Partnership Youth Forum are based on a common analysis of youth cooperation between EU and Eastern Partnership countries, including youth policies and especially the mplementation of the Eastern Partnership Youth Window. They are focussed on developments in the quality of youth work, opportunities for the development of political strategies, inclusion and recognition strategies and the further development of youth work within Eastern Partnership and EU countries.

Eastern Partnership Youth Policy Analytic Report

Presnetation at EPYRU Conference 2015

EPYRU and Armenia (in Russian)

Presentation at EPYRU Conference

EPYRU Seminar: Legal Documentation on Youth Policy - Summary Minutes

Summary minutes of the EPYRU Seminar in Tbilisi, October 18-19 2013