8 Easy Steps to Communicating - Policy Agenda for volunteering in Europe

Presentation at EPYRU Seminar, Batumi, 2015

Assessement of Juvenile Justice Reform Achievements in Armenia

The assessment mission took place from 7 to 18 September 2009.

Best examples of Youth Participation projects from 'Youth in Action' (Russian only)

Presentation at EPYRU Training, Kyiv, Ukraine September 2013

Best practices of youth initiative support

Presentation at EPYRU National Seminar, Odessa

Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centres (presentation)

Presentation at EPYRU Kyiv National Workshop 31 March-1 April 2015

Cross- sectoral cooperation on youth policy, the experience of the Republic of Moldova

Presentation at EPYRU training, Chisinau, October 2013.

Crowdfunding for youth work (Russian only)

Presentation at EPYRU 'Youth Online' seminar, February 2015

Enhancing the Work of Students Self-Governance at the Universities and on the national and European levels

Presentation at Forum on Student Self-governance, Chisinau, 26 September 2014

EPYRU "Youth Online" Seminar February 2015 - Introduction and Agenda

New technologies and a growing global consciousness have created innovative opportunities for young people and those who work with them to connect locally, nationally and internationally for social action. The purpose of this Seminar is to investigate the nature of engagement that governmental representatives and youth leaders have with e-learning in youth policy settings. 

EPYRU National Working Groups: the Concept (Russian only)

Presentation at EPYRU training event, Minsk October 2013

EPYRU Presentation: Information and Communications

Presentation at EPYRU Opening Conference, 2013

EPYRU Seminars in Stepanavan 25-27 May 2015

Description of EPYRU Seminars in Stepanavan, Armenia, May 2015

EPYRU tools for setting cross-sectorial approach within EaP countries

Presentation at Regional Seminar, Chisinau,  2015.

EU indicators in the field of youth

Indicators provide an unequivocal evidence-base on the situation of young people, including the identification of key issues and challenges, which can be used by policy-makers to guide them in making choices between policy options and/ or adjusting existing policies.

EU, CoE and UN: Instruments and tools for supporting evidence based youth policy and initiatives. (Russian only)

Presentation during EPYRU training, Minsk October 2013

Evidence-Based Youth Policy and Its Instruments (in Russian only)

Presentation at National Workshop, Kyiv, 30 March-1 April 2015

Forms and Levels of Youth Participation (Russian only)

Presentation at EPYRU training in Tbilisi, Georgia , August 2013

Knowledge based policy - Better understanding of youth policy framework

A knowledge-based approach to policy development is particularly imperative in the context of rapidly evolving realities and permanently fluctuating circumstances of younger generations in Europe. Unquestionably, youth research plays a vital role in generating knowledge and understanding in aid of youth policy development.