ACE Armenian Centre for Youth and Students International Relations and Exchange Yerevan Isahakyan 28

Our mission is to provide all participants – students with a meaningful experience that promotes global awareness and cultural understanding and to support you to participate in the exchange programs worldwide to experience and share cultures with the international students. Realising that the Youth is building the future we encourage student mobility in order to fight prejudice and xenophobia, to protect Human Rights by increasing people’s awareness of different cultures.

Civic Forum NGO

“Civic Forum” NGO is an organization that coordinates the work of three international networks in Armenia, which include JEF Europe (, TDM 2000 International ( and Human Rights Education Youth Network ( The main aim of “Civic Forum” NGO is to strengthen a more sustainable civil society in Armenia based on the shared values of tolerance and equality, the rule of law, peace and democracy.

European Integration Yerevan Vardananc 28/2-34 0070

The Organization carries out activities based on the following priorities: European integration, peace-building, work with the youth, work with mass-media, work in the regions. During its many years activities it has designed and conducted a number of researches, TV programs, publications, seminars, trainings, conferences, discussions and other events.

Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia Yerevan Mashtots Ave. 4-1/1 0015

We work for the integration of young people into the country’s social life, encourage a responsible attitude towards the challenges, and support the creative thinking and the will for finding new ways of personal and social realization

Future in Our Hands Abovyan 2 Tartu, apt/room 31 

“Future in Our Hands ” Youth non-governmental organization’s general idea is to carry out socially useful activity. The members of the organization are mostly youth (students, high school pupils, etc…) and specialist of working with youth and children, united around the idea of promoting education and European awareness among the youth and generally among the society, supporting people, helping people with fewer opportunities in their social integration, making youth participation in public life more active and strengthening the principles of civil society and democracy

HUJ - Voluntary Service of Armenia Yerevan Koryun 19A

The essential aims and objectives of HUJ are as follows: • Organize the activities of Armenian and foreign volunteers in international workcamps in Armenia. • Send Armenian volunteers to international workcamps, seminars, trainings, workshops, educational and other programs abroad. • Organize seminars, trainings, and conferences in Armenia. • Organize the participation of foreign volunteers in long/ medium term and EVS projects in Armenia, as well as that of Armenian volunteers in countries of Europe. • Take care of orphans, children with special needs and socially indigent people.

International Center for Human Development, Armenian Atlantic Association Yerevan 19 Sayat Nova Ave 0001

Established in March, 2000 the International Center for Human Development (ICHD or the Center) is a one of the leading think tanks in the region that brings together a team of highly-qualified analysts and researchers with strong academic background and substantial experience in both public and private sectors committed to professional excellence and ethics.

International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue (ICIRLD) Yerevan Frik st. 13

The mission of ICIRLD is to build a world where the cultural diversity is respected and valorised, where the “culture of war” in replaced by culture of peace, and where people from different cultural backgrounds work hand in hand for solution of global problems and for sustainable development.

Loesje in Armenia Yerevan

Loesje is an international free speech organisation. Its charter is to spread creativity, positive criticism, ideas, philosophical ponderings and thoughts on current events by way of short slogans on posters, signed by a fictional character, Loesje.

National Youth Council of Armenia Yerevan Koryun 15 0009

The aims of NYCA are: - To promote the consolidation and the strengthening of RA -To promote the deepening of democratic processes, and the establishment of legal state and civil society in RA -To assist to the development and promotion of Youth Policy in Armenia -To assist to the involvement of youth in the solution of national tasks -To promote the spreading of the idea of human (in particular, of child and youth) rights protection -To consolidate Armenian youth around the concepts of patriotism, freedom and democracy -To ensure the mutual assistance of Armenian youth NGOs.