Belarusian Republican Youth Union Minsk ul.Karl Marx 40-79 2223505

To create conditions for the development of youth, the disclosure of its creative potential , promoting development in the Republic of Belarus civil society based on patriotic and spiritual and moral values ​​.

Student's Council of Belarus State University Minsk Leningradskaya 8,

Public Association "Belarusian State University Student Union" was founded in April 1997 by students of the Belarusian State University to create the conditions for the fullest disclosure of creativity, talents and abilities of students of BSU and the maintenance and development of the student government, and traditions of the Belarusian State University.

'Mi-Detyam' Fund for social support of children and youth Minsk ul. Karl Marx 40 220030

Our goal: to protect and support children, children's organizations and movements; assist in the development and implementation of initiatives, projects aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development of children and adolescents, patriotic education of youth. Organization of festivals, children's events, competitions, meetings, children's leisure activities and rehabilitation; sport and the health of our children.

Youth Non-formal Cultural-Educational Centre "DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre" Minsk

We work actively within the Youth In Action program and other funds, like European Youth Foundation (EYF)

Office for European Expertise and Communications Minsk Platonava str., 43, office 127 

The Office for European Expertise and Communication (OEEC) is a non-profit group aimed at maintaining partnerships between different organisations and institutions from Belarus and the European Union in numerous areas of their interaction. Through our programmes we promote creating joint projects and exchange of experience and good practices for the benefit of Belarusian civil society and expert communities, spreading European (universal) values and promoting European standards in Belarus.

Office for Initiatives Promotion Minsk P.O. Box 541 220050

Realization of projects in the sphere of education, culture and social development.-Organization of volunteer groups for participation in cultural, educational and social activities,- Support of youth entrepreneurship skills.

Belarusian Association of UNESCO clubs RPO Minsk Pr. Masherova, 25-231 220002

Advocacy of humanitarian principles and ideas of UNESCO in education, science, culture and communication through formation of UNESCO clubs all over the country.

Belarus Scout Association Minsk ul Yana Chechota 23-100 220090

Development of international, national, regional and local programs for children, youth and families;

LYVS - Youth Voluntary Service League Minsk ul V. Khmelnitskogo 4

LYVS is a non-governmental, non-for profit organization. It is a member of the Committee of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Belarus, platform of Eastern-European Youth Organizations “Eastlinks” and an associated member of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations.

Youth Education Centre Fialta Minsk ul Myasnikova35

Mission: to helps those who get in touch with Fialta to consciously determine their own life-stand and develop free and flexible way of thinking. Fialta works with: • Teenagers and young people of Belarus • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) • Those who work with and for young people