ADVIT "Europa fara frontiere" Chisinau str. Mateevici 33, of. 1, MD-2012

Programmes at national and international levels in the fields of education, culture, ecology, historical heritage protection and helping disadvantaged people, by contributing to the development of a more peaceful society, to the decrease of social injustice. It started as an initiative in 2002 by organizing week end work camps, involving youth with disadvantage background and international volunteers.

AVI Moldova (Asociatia de Voluntariat International din Moldova) Chisinau str. Vasile Alecsandri 129, 3A 2012

The organization has the following objectives: Supporting the programmes of the youth associative structures and promoting personal programs; Unveiling and developing the creative potential of the young people; The stimulation of the creative activities and the participation of the youth in the process of solving the problems in the local public administration domain;Spreading the democratic values, protecting the human rights within different programmes and projects; Promoting the programmes that involve national and international volunteers; Education among young people for a healthy way of life; Contribution to the restoration of the natural equilibrium; Developing the relations of collaboration between similar national and international organizations

AO Centrul de Informare si Resurse Casa Comun (Common Home Information and Resource Centre) Tiraspol str.Lenina 28, off. 58, 3300

Our mission is to participate in the building of a multicultural, tolerant and diverse society in Transnistria. We focus primarily on the topics of intercultural dialogue and civic diplomacy, tolerance and diversity, human and minority rights and active participation of young people on both sides of river Dniester.

Participarea Tinerilor în Moldova Chisinau

Project suзported by Eurasia Foundation and East Уurope Foundation. The main objective of the Centre is organizing and conducting youth youth activities and youth of cultural, artistic, recreational, educational, tourism, sport and recreation for children and youth.

Centrul Pro Comunitate Chisinau bd. Stefan cel Mare 124 of. 221, 2001

Pro Community Center has a recognized experience in local capacities building, community mobilization to identify, analyze and solve the problems they face. We believe that a community cannot be helped unless people that are living in it participate in the process. Our team is formed of highly qualified, young and active professionals that are ready to provide result oriented cervices.

Certitudine Center Balti str. Dostoievski 63, oficiu 22

With the energy, enthusiasm and dedication of a team of young professionals in the fields of economics, entrepreneurship, finance, community development, fundraising, we make constant efforts to promote and support youth civic activism to promote local development.

MilleniuM Training and Development Institute Cricova str. Minerilor 2/3 2084

Our goals: Sustainable development, socio-economic and legal personality and region, providing raising human development indicators; Developing public-private partnership among governmental organizations, business and state structures; Growth potential volunteers by promoting the development and practice of this concept.

National Youth Council of Moldova (CNTM) Chisinau Bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt 126 sc. 4 ap.40

National Youth Council of Moldova (CNTM) is a non-governmental youth organization, apolitical and including 37 youth organizations locally and nationally. CNTM is an organization that meets the interests of young people in Moldova and serves as a unique national platform to youth NGO sector.

Oberliht, Young Artists Association Chisinau Gh. Asachi str. 53/1 lit. “A" 2028

Youth culture, art & cultural policies for Moldova.

Open World House TV Studio Chisinau 10, Veronica Micle Str.

Our Goals: Discovering and using new audio and visual technologies; Entering the local and international market as an independent structure of TV production; Creating TV and cinema production of the highest quality; Promoting the local production along with production from abroad; Promoting the cinema culture in Moldova; Instructing young people, children and professionals regarding TV and cinema production; Encouraging young and talented people to take part in audio and visual activities.